Goodbye 2007

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More Lilbitchmore Please.

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Quite fitting, methinks. I've been very busy with Christmas and my birthday, all in good ways.

The short version:

Flew down to see my sister and family. Waking up on Christmas morning to see my niece experience the present-opening extravaganza, now that she is old enough to be conscious that all of that loot was for her, was priceless.

My man was sweet enough to fly down to meet me Christmas evening. We opened MORE presents, went to dinner for my birthday, met up with Falstaff and Mrs. Falstaff, who live near my sister and were lovely. Had I not felt it was necessary to avert marital disaster between my sleep-deprived sister and her hubby, we surely would have stayed too long, drank too much, and worn our welcome right out of the city. I fully expect to live up to that scenario the next time we get together.

It seems that baby Violet is not the perfectly mannered infant that her big sister was. It's only fair, really, because it turns out that the whole sleeping-through-the-night and lack-of-crying behavior? Not so normal for newborn babies. My sister is having trouble adjusting to normal baby fussiness. She's a wee bit cranky.

My man and I flew back together, and we will be ringing in the New Year here. Sweet. More on that in a moment.

We met up with F-Train and his lady for drinks and dinner last night. Rather, they met up with us, since they were cool enough to cross the river. We summarily offended pretty much everyone we encountered, while also possibly convincing them that the boys might have been the couple in the foursome. Degenerate gambling stories, beergooggle-induced sexual encounters, fetishes, and details about penis size were discussed at length. Don't ever let it be said that dining with the Bracelet and his woman isn't all about class, people.

Bob did yoga today. Seriously. Feel free to tease him at will, because I don't believe it will ever happen again.

To round out the New Year, it seems that BG will be coming to town to play superhero chef tomorrow. You can get the details of that over at his site. It should be both exciting and delicious.

I leave you with the cuteness my family's genes are capable of producing.

Sweet Baby Violet

The rocking horse Lillian got was the hit of the day, obviously


F-Train said...

You just HAD to post more disgustingly cute photos of the wee ones in the same post as mentioning my name, didn't you.

You're on The List!

Jeff Cutler said...

It's so unfortunate that images like these haunt us during the holidays. Just like those kids with flies on their lips, these photos of heinous children only serve to make most of us deny their existence and go about our daily lives.

I even wandered over to Snopes - the hoax site - and saw that it IS a myth that good-looking children can reside south of the Mason-Dixon line.

That's proof that you're a liar and I'm so sorry that 2008 has started the same way last year left off...a hotbed of ugly children and blind relatives.

To see some REAL photos, visit I dare you to question the truth behind rainbows, the city at night and toads in a hole.