MacHeist II

If you are a mac person, or aspire to be a mac person, this is something you should be signing up for immediately. It's a way to get lots of very useful and often very cool mac applications for free, and later, more (expensive) applications at a hugely discounted price. Also, a portion of the profits go to charity.

There are so many ridiculously talented programmers out there, creating newer, better ways to be productive, or more entertaining ways to waste time. MacHeist features some really cool new applications before they become the next best thing, and you can get them for free.

There is some computer nerdery involved, but you can totally cheat, if you don't have the time or patience to solve all of the very intricate and frustrating clues. It's not a secret, you just go to the back room of the forums, and there are always walk-throughs of the individual heists, so you can just follow the directions and collect your loot. It's not as much fun, but you still get all the stuff.

If you aren't a mac person, here is where I not-so-silently mock you for being a sucker. Not really. Ok, I do, but only because I know that you deserve better. And because mac people are cooler than you.