This post brought to you by Espresso

Yes, you are getting this lovely hello! at 3:15am because

1. my man is awesome (how sick are you of reading that?) HA
2. espresso is awesome
3. i have a problem

Months ago, my espresso maker started to show clear signs of terminal illness. It was sputtering and coughing and making what can only be described as caffeine laden sludge. Sludge I forced myself to endure anyway, because hello? The caffeine. It is important to my ability to breathe and function, and certainly to have a conversation in the morning.

When it finally died the big death, I was forced to go get coffee every morning, and right now, in this ridiculous cold, it's been dreadful.

Today, as I attempted to dominate in the World Series of Sloth (WSOS), I received a mysterious package. It was big. And heavy. But it's not even my birthday yet...or even Christmas! I looked at the return address. Seeing that it was from my man, I was all atwitter. I attempted (very briefly) to guess what it could be before I tore into it. Too heavy for sex toys, too large for lingerie...hmmmm

I ripped into it to find a really adorable card a brand new, spanking yummy caffeine deliciousness maker! It's all shiny and lovely and oh shit, I have no coffee beans! Run to back...thumping and whirring sounds and presto! Yummy coffee goodness in my giant latte bowl. So yummy, in fact, that I made some more. That was around 4pm.

So, here I am. Very much awake, thank you very much. So worth it.

My official first (quite early) birthday gift. Pretty hard to top that. In your face, my entire family and friends who will give me what will surely be less coveted presents! Thanks, bestest boyfriend ever.

If you are one of the lucky, who will see him in Vegas this weekend, give him a big smooch for me!


tma said...

i thought you were going to tell us that HE kept you AWAKE.

...or the sex toy did.

very nice of him, hopefully he won the money spent on it in vegas.