Where was I?

Quote from salesperson:

"This one is a real hit with the ladies"

Was this ultra-persuasive salesperson talking about:

a. a shiny new vibrator with swirly penetrating bead action
b. a pheromone-laden cologne in a bottle shaped like two bodies intertwined
c. a liquor infused with fruit flavor and energy booster
d. a new model of cellphone with vehicle inspired graphics


MattQ said...

Well, when in doubt, go with C! Kindof hope it's A though, for comedy purposes.
Final answer: C

elizabeth said...

a. actually popped into my head because that is the kind of voice the guy said it in, but pathetically, he was talking about the cell phone. is any cell phone (unless it's an iPhone and you're talking to me) EVER a "hit with the ladies"? the answer is no. I turned and scoffed at him, and asked if he was serious. it was that absurd.