Welcome to December

You should refresh your page if you don't see the new header, because it calls attention to a very important event this month. If you'll notice... that gift? It's not covered in redness and greenness. Not because I don't love Christmas presents, because I do. I love them lots. However, it's a reminder that there is a more momentous reason for gift giving, and that is my birthday. It's the day after Christmas, and yes, you may overcompensate for my parents' terrible timing with the sex having, because who has a kid so close to Christmas? It's cruel.

I've spent every year of my life explaining to people the upside and downside to that particular birthday predicament, and have heard stories of brothers, cousins, best friends with similar...or worse...bad time birthdays...MYcousin was born ON Christmas, and during the blue moon, which happens to be her parents' anniversary and one year, her mother-in-law died on Christmas morning, so she really gets screwed"

I get it. Boxing day is not the worst day. But the Brits are brilliant, and they say you should box up those extra presents...and send them to me. Thanks.


Uncle Bracelet said...

Your birthday/christmas present is sitting right around the corner from me as I type this. You're going to love it and have to totally rethink your stance on the two days.

Damn, I can't keep the secret any longer...

Your present is my penis. I know, I know. It's a larger gift than you thought you'd be getting, but I spare no expense over the holidays. You can't open it in front of your family, even though they'd be impressed, but maybe after everyone hits the sack.

elizabeth said...

that's odd, because i already totally own your junk. you better get back to the shopping!