And Now a Word About Our Sponsor

You may have noticed the appearance of a few small adds on this page. I'm keeping it all to a minimum until someone decides to shell out some serious cash, in which case, I'll be happy to plaster stuff all over this joint.

I've jumped on the review me bandwagon. These people are actually going to pay me (and would pay you, too) for being overly opinionated! Frankly, I couldn't sign up fast enough. You'd like me to express my honest opinion about stuff that nobody before thought to ask me about? Absolutely. Let's face it, we could all benefit from my extensive knowledge of random stuff. I do it here anyway occasionally, without the promise of any money, just because I like finding the goods. There's a certain pride I take in my many hours of interweb surfing, when I come up with something fun, yummy, or just plain ridiculous I can share. I mean, sure, I could be working, but only my individual clients get to enjoy the fruits of that labor. This, I do for you all. Ok, I also do it because it helps me procrastinate actual productivity, and we all know that is my most favorite hobby. It takes lots of surfing and googling to find pictures of the things worthy of your attention. It's (totally not) hard work, people. Plus, did I mention I get to be overly opinionated? Yeah, that part is good.