So, what do you want to talk about today? Me? Oh, ok, if I must.

First, let me just say that the next month or so will be a little stressful. There's the whole holiday thing, which entails the juggling of family obligation, which is usually only slightly annoying with travel details and such. This year, it's a bit more pronounced because I have some decisions to make. Big ones, involving where I live and balancing my career with practical stuff, like retaining the ability to eat and have shelter and such. Being an artist is (I think) a noble, but not altogether the most stable profession. This isn't a pity party, I'm just saying...I may begin living up to the "bitch" part of the title of this blog (more?) as the year comes to a close. It's not because I'm the grinch, it's because I have some stuff on my mind. Ok, that's out of the way.

I'm getting bored with the layout of this site. I like it ok, and I like the ability to change it up as I see fit, but I'd like to be able to add another column (Petunia is lonely down there) and convert it to the very mysterious (to me) new blogger beta "layout", as opposed to the "template" it is now in. I've tried to code it myself, which is hilarious, because in case you don't know this about me...I'm a tech moron. But hey, if anyone out there isn't (a moron, I mean, with the computer stuff), feel free to design me up a newfangled and super cute page I can then tweak until my eyes bleed, as I did with this one.

Oh, you want me to talk about boys? Well, not much to discuss, except that CYB is in town for Thanksgiving break, and he called a few days ago. I haven't called him back because well...I'm not so much feeling it. He's fun for a little while (and a good smoocher), but I tire of him easily, and find it hard to ummm...dismiss him, for lack of a nicer term, when I become bored. Besides, he just lacks the kind of passion I need to keep me interested. Basically, I don't really feel like dating just for the sake of dating, even if getting some smooch time in doesn't seem like a terrible idea.

Oh, and thanks, for those of you who've asked, Bubba is doing much better. Totally fine, in fact, as if the whole rushing to the vet thing was a complete waste of his time. I should know better by now that he just likes to fake his own near-death now and again, just to entertain himself by watching me freak out. Brat.